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Salsadating com

One of the most incongruous “vintage-meets-VH1” experiences in Cuba is taking a ride in the maquinas, or collective taxis.

For 10-to-20 Cuban pesos a ride, you hop in an old Chevy and rumble through the streets of Havana on pre-determined routes to a soundtrack of today’s reggaeton hits and last week’s American pop.

However, I would caution people who are taking classes as a couple to avoid falling into the trap of just dancing with your guy or girl.

For non-dancers, one of the most difficult parts of social dancing can be when your significant other (or date) is dancing with other people.

I’m a beast at getting around in maquinas, at least in Vedado, Habana Vieja/Centro, Playa, and Miramar neighborhoods in Havana.

I don’t let the cab drivers get away with anything—I know exactly how much the fare is, and if they try to cheat me out of my change, I give them a “Don’t F*** with me” face. I took one where the driver was bouncing through the streets at breakneck speed, hollering at people on the streets. ” He shouted at a group of kids playing baseball with a broom handle and ball of trash on the side of the street. ” He wolf-whistled to a pretty girl dressed in all Spandex on the side of the street. I was simultaneously amused and slightly fearful for my life.

Investigaciones demuestran que alimentando con leche pasteurizada y en sistemas colectivos de alimentación automática, la salud y desarrollo de las terneras mejora significativamente.

Something about the combination of poor suspension, 50-year-old brakes, and drivers hopped up on Cuban coffee makes for a heart-racing experience.

I think they intentionally don’t put the “How’s My Driving…Call [whatever number]” stickers on the maquinas because if they did, a lot of people would be out of their jobs.

Last night, I was invited to be a guest on “Love Bent and Adventure Bound,” a weekly radio show hosted by Ben-Jamin Toy and his co-hosts, Sparkle and Eric. Personally, I would not use going to Salsa as a date and have pretty strong opinions about dating within your hometown Salsa scene (but I won’t get into that here).

The show’s main focus is adventure dating, and Ben asked me to talk about Salsa dancing and if Salsa makes for a good date. Also, I wouldn’t bring a guy that I’m just starting to date to Salsa, especially if he didn’t really dance (“Hey honey, sit down and watch me dance for three hours).

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글로벌 커피기업답게 미국 내에서만 채용하는 것이 아니라 전세계 스타벅스 매장에서 채용이 진행될 것이라고 하는군요. 반면 재향군인 출신인 Evan Hafer가 설립한 Black Rifle Coffee Company(이하 BRCC)는 스타벅스의 이 같은 조치를 겨냥한 1만명의 재향군인을 채용계획을 밝혔습니다.

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