Oracle consolidating different calendars microsoft security essentials not updating through proxy

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Oracle consolidating different calendars

SCA makes it possible to call a BPEL component from Oracle Service Bus and vice versa.

From a 2013 article on, there was a study of over 1,700 public firms during the 15-year period from 1993-2008 that found over 45% of those firms had shifted their fiscal year-ends.

As such, if the ledger set displayed in the hierarchy includes members that are secondary ledgers, journal, or subledger level reporting currencies, the period status indicated in the Close Monitor for such subledger modules is based on its related primary ledger.

Asset books and cost organization books can be associated with all types of ledgers.

Sometimes the business requires changes to an existing calendar – either changing the calendar from a 4-4-5 calendar to a monthly calendar, changing a monthly calendar to a fiscal calendar, changing the dates on a period, changing the number of periods, or even changing the period names or calendar name.

There are a number of difficulties to overcome because in Oracle E-Business Suite, the GL calendar is also used in many subledgers.

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So for your traditionalist users and consumers of reporting, tell them they can still have “June” or “August” or “December” because Hyperion EPM reporting can support displaying either the short labels and the long descriptions (or both).