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Live moms on webcams

Unfortunately, Vaila’s inexperience as a mom showed when she did not clean the birth sac surrounding one cub and it did not survive.Also, one was born with a deformity and only lived a few hours. On April 2, 2016 Wiay, a first time mom gave birth to 6 cubs( only happens 8% of the time) sired by Kitu.If all goes as planned the front hooves will be the first part of the baby to appear, followed by its snout.HARPURSVILLE, NY — An upstate New York zoo, is vowing to live stream a giraffe giving birth despite the removal of an earlier video because of “animal rights extremists.” The Animal Adventure Park, in Harpursville, aired two giraffe cam videos on You Tube overnight into Thursday.Even more tuned in after an online controversy briefly shut down the feed, calling even more attention to the 15-year-old giraffe named April and her calf-to-be.The Animal Adventure Park zoo says there is no way to predict when April will give birth.The first, lasting 10 hours, has been removed, and the second two-hour video has stopped, but is still viewable. Follow the process as she and her mate, Oliver, welcome a new baby,” the park had posted.

One pregnant North Carolina woman put on a giraffe mask and strutted like April in front of a camera in her bedroom.

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months and labor can take anywhere from two to six hours to sometimes days.

“We are showing all signs of end of pregnancy but no active labor at this time,” Jordan Patch, the owner of the Harpursville, New York (population 3,543), park tells Us Weekly, noting that giraffe’s instinct is to hide any signs of labor.

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When a zoo in upstate New York set up a live webcam last week of a pregnant giraffe about to give birth, millions of people logged on to You Tube to watch.

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Hiddleston provided a live dramatic narration of the giraffe’s movements on BBC Radio 1 Wednesday morning. She takes a bow; she knows the world is watching.”This will be April’s fourth baby, but it is the first giraffe calf to be born at this small-town zoo, so park officials decided to make the most of it.