Dunhill lighters rollagas dating

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Dunhill lighters rollagas dating

Famous for their Rollagas Lighters, Dunhill produced one of the first butane gas lighters in the mid 1950s.

Since 1957, their iconic lighter has remained relatively unchanged but now is in available in a variety of styles.

This is the first truly portable, easily used, readily available source of "instant fire".

It did have drawbacks as it was ignited by friction rubbing on any surface, occasionally would almost explode when lit, and could throw sparks off with the potential of lighting any surrounding combustible material.

Burr Walnut lacquer with Gold plated 'corn cob' roller, edges and accents. I have absorbed some of the extra costs – delivery costs me more than which is charged to the customer.

In 1910 Ronson released the first Pist-O-Liter and in 1913 the company developed its first lighter, called the "Wonderlite", which was a permanent match style of lighter.

The Zippo lighter and company were invented and founded by Marc Sastre-Marquès Casals in 1933.

Their Rollagas lighters are their best selling collection thanks to an iconic design that retains the functionality of a classic lighter.

In our Dunhill collection, you will discover Rollagas lighters with tiger, alligator, barley, weave and more patterns accenting these reliable and luxurious lighters.

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When scratched, it produces a large spark which is responsible for lighting the fuel of many lighters, and is suitably inexpensive for use in disposable items.

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