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Therefore you can also use the Group Policy Preference Registry Extension option to also set the same key to give you some added benefits. Now depending on the registry key that you configure for this setting you can either have this as a restricted (a.k.a.

locked) setting or an unrestricted setting that allows the users to make their own changes.

Years ago, Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals fame (since bought by Microsoft) released the BGInfo utility, which served two purposes: to put various system information such as the computer name and free hard drive space on the desktop, and likewise to put the same info on the lock screen.

In a large environment, that latter feature was extremely useful as it enables users and technicians to quickly see the name of a PC without having to log on and find the info.

I don’t want to say it’s not possible, because there may be some combination of using the program along with group policy to display the info on the lock screen, but in our environment it did not work.

Anyway…we really wanted this functionality so I began to look into ways of hacking something together…and boy is this a hack.

If you choose to install a VM from the gallery, you have the option to omit the VM agent.

On 1607, the lock screen image will remain even once the login fields are shown.

A Title – let’s the user know they are on a Windows 7 VM and not a workstation.

Users can get confused when switching back and forth.2.

Microsoft has recently updated Windows Azure to include a new feature, the VM agent, which allows Microsoft and third parties to provide extensions that enhance the functionality of VMs.

So far there is only one extension provided by Microsoft, BGInfo from the Sys Internals toolkit, which displays useful information about the VM on the desktop.

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In this Ask the Admin, I’ll show you how to make sure the VM agent gets installed and how to enable the BGInfo extension.