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Though it is fairly unclear what shape the graffiti is it, some reports have stated that it resembles a swastika, a hate symbol of the Nazi movement. “I strongly denounce any symbol of hate in our community.

Vandalizing a piece of city property with a symbol of anti-Semitism is bigoted and despicable.

In 2015, Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her health has continued to deteriorate.

On Friday, Rosenthal posted an article in the New York Times, describing their relationship in hopes of helping Jason find love once she is gone.

Dating apps are great for advertising because they are becoming indispensable to users.

In response, Sunshine 106.8 said the agency was regulated by the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABAI) – a non-government agency.

Upholding the complaint, BAI’s compliance committee noted that there is no specific regulation of dating services in Ireland, that the ABIA is an industry body instead of a regulator and that audiences would have been misled by the advert.

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The vandalism comes on the heels of a spike in hate crimes following the presidential election.